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Water Heater

One of G20 Engineering most important activities is the sale of disassembled gas appliances, boilers and tankless water heaters.

These appliances are supplied in complete sets named “CKD” or semi-complete sets named “SKD”.

Choosing G20 Engineering as an industrial partner not only means to receive supplies of the requested components, but also to guarantee all the necessary TECHICAL SUPPORT for assembling, testing, obtaining certifications, people training.

Our worldwide activity, through our partners, enables us to get different feedback from different markets: this permits a faster evolution of our products and makes them more and more reliable and safe. All the improvements are immediately transferred to our partners for free.

Our business strategy is selecting ONE partner only, operating in a specific geographic area. The reason for this choice is to avoid a product overlapping a similar one with a different brand, in the same market.

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